In Los Angeles, California, a small group of store owners who had an insane encounter with a group of people who were trying to loot their shop.

The individuals decided to stand up and protect their store and their belongings inside until the police showed up. But things went completely wrong.

A local Fox reporter caught the entire exchange and unfortunate outcome while conducting a live broadcast.

“There’s a standoff here arguing about why they can’t break into the place,” a Fox 11 TV reporter said during the live broadcast Sunday evening. Soon after, both the alleged looters and the people in front of the store attempted to flag down police. When police arrived, confusion broke out and officers began to arrest everyone.

The alleged looters bolted across the street as cops confronted the armed group. The Fox 11 reporter indicated that the people in front of the store were protecting their businesses and the cars parked beside the street, but the armed group of people were pinned on a wall and cuffed nevertheless.

“No. No. They’re fine,” the reporter said. “Sir they’re protecting the store, the looters are over there.”

It took the reporter several tried to redirect the attention of the police. During that time, officers had all three store owners against the wall and cuffed as the looters ran away. The reporter said it was the craziest thing she had witnessed and filmed live.

Watch the encounter:

Looters have struck across the United States following the Death of George Floyd who died after an attempted arrest by Minoiopolice officers. The officers were attempting to arrest Floyd on alleged forgery charges when one office pinned Floyd to the ground by pressing his knee to Floyd's neck. The entire exchange was caught on camera and protests began that evening.

These "protests" aka riots have still been going on all over the country and while they are slowing down in some areas, they are just getting started in others. Looting is still normative and so is violence. This needs to stop.

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