Gavin McInnes, a CRTV host who was formerly the founder of Vice Media, claims that wearing a MAGA hat is comparable to "being openly gay in 1950."

“Here in New York City, wearing a MAGA hat is like being openly gay in 1950, and I’m not exaggerating,” McInnes said on Tuesday during the episode of his program that airs on CRTV. “You will get your ass beat, you will not last at a bar in Harlem—we try it all the time and get booted out. There’s many bars that say, ‘You cannot openly be here.’ If you go into a bar wearing a MAGA hat, people start getting uncomfortable. The bartender will ask you to leave politely and people will yell at you on the street and spit on you.”

Watch - Gavin McInness compares wearing a MAGA hat to being gay in 1950

Check out some of the responses on Twitter:

It's hard to deny after the backlash Kanye West faced after he appeared in a MAGA hat. What are your thoughts? Is it a good comparison or just hyperbole? Do you wear your MAGA hat in public?

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