Two guests were doing an interview on MSNBC where they were discussing the issue of how much of a role the federal government should play in the response to the coronavirus outbreak.

This led to a one of the guests cursing and storming off out of the interview.

According to Fox News,

The altercation started after Fugate said the federal government needed to get out of the way and allow state agencies to do their jobs.

Slavitt countered that the nation needed a central overseer, "someone looking through the entire system," to respond to the outbreak. He added there should be a partnership between the states and federal government.

Both guests worked for the Obama administration, with Fugate heading FEMA for eight years, and Slavitt serving as acting CMS administrator from 2015-2017.

“What your other guest is suggesting here is not helpful,” Slavitt said, which ignited the outburst. “We need a great partnership between the federal and state government.”

“I don’t have time to listen to bull****, people,” Fugate is heard saying as he rips off his mic and leaves.

All three of them ended up clearing the air and settling thing in a dignified way through Twitter after the segment. Fugate tweeted first saying,

Dear @MSNBC, @KatyTurNBC At the point I’m not helping, time to step back. Never was good at the talking head thing anyway. This is too critical of a time to let emotions get in the way. My apologies to you and your audience.”

After the tweet, Slavitt responded back to Fugate and not only apologized to him, but also Fugate for the works he's doing.

“Craig my sincere apologies for contributing this. Please keep informing people as you do. You’re a terrific public servant. We’re on the same team. Andy”

Tur replied to Fugate by saying that there were “no apologies necessary”.

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