WATCH: Former Clinton Top Advisor to His Former Boss: 'Shut Your Mouth and Be Quiet'

Hillary Clinton has been teasing a comeback for 2020. The two-time loser seems to be dipping her toes in the water and is definitely intrigued by jumping into the race.

No matter what she says there are many, many, many people who do not want to see her jump into the race.

Take her former top advisor, for example. During an appearance on Laura Ingraham's show, Doug Schoen ripped his former boss for talking up how many people want to see her in the race.

From there, Ingraham asked Schoen if he had any advice for Hillary with "many, many, many" people pressuring her to run again.

Schoen crushed Hillary's dreams with just a few words.

“My advice would be: Go home. Close the door. Shut your mouth. Be quiet. And just forget about this,” Schoen said. “I mean, she lost when she shouldn’t have lost. Everything she said recently has been nuts.”

Check it out:

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Unless Hillary Clinton wants to go from being the two-time loser to three-time loser she should stay as far away from this election as possible.

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