The Robert Mueller Special Counsel sent 20+ armed FBI goons in six vehicles accompanied by a CNN camera crew to film the arrest of Trump associate Roger Stone. This happened during a predawn raid on Friday.

When he was arrested Stone was taken out of his apartment barefoot and in shorts.

While being interviewed on Judge Napolitano on FOX Nation Monday, Stone said that his 72-year-old wife was forced so stand outside their apartment barefoot and in her nightgown.

FBI Goons Forced Roger Stone's Wife

Roger Stone: I was wearing a Roger Stone did nothing wrong T-Shirt. You can get those at The proceeds go to my legal defense fund. I was wearing a pair of shorts but I was bare-footed. They said who else was in the house. I said my wife. They said, “Who else?” I said, “My wife. That’s it.” You sure? I said, “I’m positive plus two dogs and three cats.” I’m a dog lover. I’m an animal lover. You can read my activities on animal welfare on Daily Caller. I was afraid they would go upstairs and my wife was not complying with an order she cannot hear.

Judge Napolitano: Did they take your wife out of the house, Roger?

Roger Stone: They did. I was made to stand in the street, handcuffed and in bare feet. They brought my wife out in her nightgown and also in bare feet to stand next to me even though she’s not accused of any crime.

Wonder why CNN chose not to air this portion of the raid on Stone's home?

Should President Trump pardon Roger Stone?

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