I am truly mind blown each and every time a Democrat does practically anything.

When they do someone consistent with the warped ideology, it blows my mind that people can be so stupid. When they do something right, it blows my mind that they're even capable of doing such.

Basically, both of these happened recently when Senator Richard Blumenthal questioned Mark Zuckerberg during his testimony in front of the Senate Judiciary Committee this week.

We know how targeted conservatives are on Facebook and Twitter. If you try and challenge the status quo, they're going to cut you off.

Over the past couple of months, they've become even more strict and deleted many conservative pages. Some of the owners I actually know personally.

Nonetheless, you've got idiotic Senators like Blumenthal who thinks that Facebook isn't strict enough on conservatives and actually asked him to ban some conservative pages.

Blumenthal asked Zuckerberg, "Will you commit to taking down that account? Steve Bannon's account."

Zuckerberg replied, "Senator, no. That's not what our policies would suggest that we should do, in this case."

Blumenthal then asked the Facebook CEO,

"According to the internal records that are on record now, leaked by NBC News, Facebook has removed fact checks and forgiven infractions for conservative pages and pundits such as Breitbart, Donald Trump Jr., Eric Trump, Gateway Pundit based on a fear of accusations of bias. Has Facebook avoided penalizing or fact-checking conservative changes that violated its policies based on concerns of political bias and allegations of bias?"

Zuckerberg replied, "Senator, no. We haven't done that. And I think that those reports mischaracterize the actions we take. I'm not aware of any instance where we have overturned a fact-check specifically..."

Below is the full exchange between the two.

Facebook and Twitter are already starting to lose people to other social media platforms that will actually protect free speech like Parler and MeWe.

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