WATCH: Crybaby Jim Acosta Accuses Kavanaugh Supporters of ‘Bullying the Press’

Crybaby Jim Acosta of CNN is back at it. He posted on Twitter about the upcoming confirmation vote for Supreme Court nomination Brett Kavanaugh. Someone was quick to call out Acosta for crying about his usual liberal talking points. Then Acosta freaked out and accused the GOP of “bullying the press.” He cried, “Can’t you guys win gracefully?”

This response was when Acosta was replying to a former Mitch McConnell staffer and Paul Ryan spokesman.

Crybaby Jim Acosta

First it was Don Stewart Acosta tangled with. Stewart, also known as “Stew,” is the Deputy Chief of Staff to Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell.

After that Jim did what he does best: cry.

Then Zack Roday stepped in. This is what really triggered Acosta.

This tweet is what triggered Jim to whine and delete: “It’s bullying the press. And it’s shameful. My goodness. Can’t you guys win gracefully?”

After deleting the tweet, he then tweeted this:

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