The Democrats' primary agenda right now is to push how unsafe it is to go out in public and especially how dangerous it is to go out and vote in the upcoming election.

They refuse to acknowledge that the virus can be spread through the protests and riots, in fact, they flat out deny that it is spread that way.

Republicans have been vehemently against pushing toward a mass mail-in ballot system for the election in November because the probability for massive fraud is unreal. By the way, Republicans typically are the ones who do well in mail-in scenarios.

Recently, a CNN reporter totally lost her mind when a Trump campaign senior advisor, Mercedes Schlapp brought up completely valid points about poor mail-in practices in different states.

Brianna Keilar, the host of 'CNN Right Now' blew up and after berating the advisor for trying to answer the questions asked of her. "You're just saying a bunch of crap", the host exclaimed as the Schlapp's audio volume kept turning down "mysteriously":

The back and forth - if you can call it that - was mostly the CNN reporter interrupting and not allowing Schlapp to speak.

"You're saying, you're saying that voter fraud is a thing, and I'm telling you that it's not. And you're muddying the waters," Keilar said. "And I also wonder, isn't that, don't you worry that that's going to actually hurt you, isn't that to the point why the president has said when it comes—"

"No, mail-in ballot issues may have left thousands uncounted—" Schlapp interrupted.

"Mercedes, I'm asking, Mercedes—" Keilar interrupted back.

"This is pointless. This is just pointless," Keilar continued after they talked over each other.

"I get it. You're just saying a bunch of crap, OK? You're saying a bunch of crap," she added.

"We're talking about voting in a pandemic," Keilar argued as Schlapp tried to have her say.

"We're talking about voting in a pandemic and giving people the ability to vote if they are a registered voter. And you seem to be talking about putting obstacles in their way to that," Keilar said.

"Absolutely not," Schlapp responded.

"I'm asking you a question, that do you believe that a person should be able to vote after the election day, meaning can you pass a ballot three days following the election, no, that's the question, that's a valid question!" she continued.

"That's what they're doing in Nevada, and that is unacceptable," Schlapp concluded.


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