This is something you do not see every day. CNN gives Trump credit for the work he has done with North Korea. Even Chris Cuomo, one of Trump's harshest critics, was complimentary.


“Congratulations to the Trump administration, they were able to move the ball here,” Cuomo said. “Maybe North Korea's not telling the truth, maybe they won't really do this. But even the suggestion, even the potential offer, is progress.”

This breakthrough is shocking to many when considering the rising tensions between dictator Kim Jong Un and the president. However, during meetings with South Korean officials this week, North Korea has expressed its willingness to enter into talks with the U.S. about potentially ending its nuclear program.

“This is one of these potential Trump presidency moments where you have an opportunity present itself, and it could be this own brand of diplomacy has produced something unexpected and quite significant,” David Gregory, a CNN political analyst, said.

Watch the video: CNN Gives Trump Credit

President Trump addressed the issue on Twitter. He claims that while progress may have been made, he is prepared for things to turn in any direction.

Even CNN has caved and given President Trump credit for the work he has done with North Korea.


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