If you already feel hesitant about purchasing products from China, then this product won't do anything to address that. A Chinese factory worker laughs as he contaminates masks, showing a complete disregard for safety during this pandemic.

The other video appears to be in India and it also highlights what we are up against when purchasing these masks from another country.

In the Chinese video, the factory worker is laughing and rubbing them all love this shoes as they are on the floor.


In the second video the conditions are filthy and the masks are piling up all over the dirty floor.

When you combine these videos with the idiots in America who have turned to biological terror - by spitting on food and coughing on people - it shows at least part of why this has been such a struggle.

Everyone needs to be careful and disinfect everything. For some reason a lot of people out there have complete disregard for the safety of others. Why? Your guess is as good as mine. We should all be fighting this invisible enemy together.

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