Brandon Tatum, who happens to be black, took to YouTube to explain how the two black men could have avoided being arrested at Starbucks. Spoiler alert: the left will not like his reasoning.

Per Tatum's YouTube:

Two Black Men Arrested for Acting Entitled At Starbucks. Here is another example of African American men feeling that they are above the law. A major issue in the black community is the lack of respecting authority. This situation would have been a non-issue if these two black men would have just simply followed Starbucks protocol like everyone else. Also, If white people were not so afraid of being deemed racist or even feel a high level of white guilt, this video would have never been recorded. Starbucks being the cowardice organization they are, apologized for no reason. What a shame. This isn't helping black people or anyone in America for god's sake.

Watch the video: Brandon Tatum drops truth

Tatum took to Twitter to expand on how he really feels about Starbucks.

Many people on Twitter had Tatum's back.

It's good to see someone stand up for what they believe in, instead of preaching about victimhood and white privilege.

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