The debate over border policy and immigrant detention has heated up over the last few weeks. Who better to get information from than someone who lives on the border. MSNBC did an interview with a border couple to get their thoughts. The only problem is this interview did not go as planned for MSNBC when the couple told the truth.

You can't look at social media or TV without seeing President Trump rip for a situation he inherited from Obama. With so much hate and false information being spread, it's hard to know what to believe.

A big part of the issue is the media, which wants to make people angry more than bringing facts to the people.

While pushing their one-sided narrative, they headed to the border in Texas. Fortunately, someone stood up for the truth.

Per Western Journal:

Presnall Cage, who lives within spitting distance of the U.S.-Mexico border, didn’t take the bait.

“It’s basically the laws of our land,” he replied to the reporter. “Trump, I believe is going in the right direction. I believe it’s going to be a deterrent to keep this from happening.”

That’s an important aspect that many people ignore: If we’re upset by the migrant situation on the border, we should look for ways to deter it from happening in the future, not blindly enact policies that only encourage more of the same immigration chaos.

MSNBC’s Sanders, apparently not listening to what was actually being said, tried to skew the discussion by appealing to maternal instincts and shame women into agreeing with the liberal stance.

This didn’t work, either.

“You’re a mother, you’re a grandmother of seven,” the reporter said to Stephanie Cage, setting her up to answer in the way he wanted. “How do you react when you see that the families are being split apart?”

The woman turned MSNBC’s question back on itself, and pointed out that dragging minors along a crime-filled route to illegally break into a country was hardly positive.

“Of course it is very upsetting, but I’m as equally upset with the parents for exposing their children to the dangers of smuggling their children across the border,” Cage replied.

Indeed, lost in the fog of this issue is one pesky fact: The entire problem with child separations could have been avoided by not trying to illegally enter the U.S. in the first place.

These people are breaking the law and putting their children in these situations, but somehow that is completely overlooked. It's terrible to have families separated, but it could easily be avoided by obeying the law.

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