Democrats are attacking Supreme Court nominee Brett Kavanaugh for liking beer. Meanwhile a video has resurfaced where Barack Obama admits to heavy drinking and drug use in his younger years.

After the Dems failed to prove any of the outlandish claims of Kavanaugh sexually assaulting women almost 40 years ago, the media has moved on to stories of him throwing ice in a bar or going to keg parties. You know, the same keg parties that everyone attends in college.

Let's not forget that the Democrat Party wasn't always loaded with prudes. Once upon a time the Commander-in-chief could brag about drinking heavily and doing illegal drugs during his college years.

In a video that has resurfaced, Barack Obama admits that he was a "thug" that used illegal drugs and drank a six-pack in an hour between classes.

Watch - Barack Obama admits to heavy drinking, illegal drug use

In Obama's biography Dreams From My Father, he also admitted to cocaine use there as well.

The left viewed Obama's past actions as simply some mistakes he made as a youngster. Now the same left is tearing into Brett Kavanaugh for having a few beers.

Former Democrat President Bill Clinton admitted to smoking marijuana...kind of. He never was much for telling the truth. Did he seriously expect us to believe that he never inhaled?

It's time to confirm Kavanaugh. The left valiantly tried to prevent it, but they failed. It's time to accept it and move on.

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