Portland based video journalist Andy Ngo recently made a trip to Seattle to cover a pro Constitution rally. While there he ran into Antifa thugs armed with AR15s. The counter protest was staged by the usual suspect: members of Antifa toting red flags.

While Ngo, who happens to be gay and Asian, was trying to make his way into the center of the Antifa group, he was confronted by several people and prevented from going in. At least three of these people were armed with AR15s and an AK47.

At first Ngo had the support of the police and they encouraged Antifa to let him go through. Since, you know, it's unlawful to prevent someone from using the sidewalk.

Eventually the police turned and started threatening to arrest him for standing on the sidewalk. Meanwhile Ngo is getting pushed up against one of the police barriers.

The Seattle Police were claiming that the presence of Ngo was "inflicting conflict" and they eventually ordered him to leave a public area.

While the police said Ngo was "inciting conflict" they allowed Antifa to continue their illegal protest, which included blocking the sidewalk and open carrying, while harassing Ngo. One Antifa issued a death threat to Ngo when he said, “Are you willing to die for Youtube shit?Death is coming to you. You spying and doing this punk s*** is gonna get you hurt.”

The police in cities like Seattle and Portland are allowing Antifa to carry out violent protests where they do not even let regular citizens do things like walk on a sidewalk.

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