Over the last couple of years, people learned and know what to expect from Antifa. This incident in Portland does nothing to change that.

Saturday in Portland Antifa protesters went to downtown Portland and began commanding drivers to follow their direction. They began cursing at the drivers. They even took it as far as chasing down an elderly driver who refused to follow their direction.

As it was stated in the video of the protesters, this was part of a demonstration that was part of the vigil for Patrick Kimmons, who was shot on September 30 by police.

Per the Oregonian:

Two Portland police officers pulled up to a shootout in downtown after hearing gunfire early Sunday, saw muzzle flashes and fired multiple times at a man who they say turned toward them holding a gun in a parking lot, according to new details obtained Monday by The Oregonian/OregonLive. Police shot Patrick K. Kimmons, 27, and he was pronounced dead at OSHU Hospital. It's not clear how many times Kimmons was shot. His family has claimed he was hit 12 to 15 times in the back, but police sources say the two officers fired less than 10 times.

In liberal-ran areas like Portland, Seattle, Berkeley, etc. these types of events happen at the hands of Antifa way more than they should. Steps need to be taken so this cannot happen. Where were the police? This elderly man simply trying to get where he needs to be and was chased down.

What are your thoughts?


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