ABC News anchor George Stephanopoulos got caught making an appalling gesture while Trump lawyer Jay Sekulow was speaking during live coverage.

Stephanopoulos was caught on live tv making a throat-slitting gesture as Sekulow was answering questions about the past few days of the impeachment trial and what the Trump will be doing in the days to come.

Sekulow said, “We’ve got something very different from what you’re hearing up here. We’ve got lawyers that will be put forward when our side of the case goes that represents multiple schools of thought on what is an impeachable offense. They have one thing in common: that the actions alleged and the actions of the president do not reach that level — no matter which school of thought you’re on.”

“We’re not afraid to put out both of those schools of thought because our position is you still have to meet basic, fundamental constitutional obligations and they haven’t,” he concluded.

Another reported started to ask Sekulow a question but when the camera switched off from Sekulow and back to Stephanopoulos, you can clearly see him giving a throat-cutting gesture to try and get the person in charge of cameras to switch away from Sekulow and back to him so that they wouldn't be able to get the answer from Sekulow.

These guys are doing everything they can not let the President’s side get out. The liberal media is not going to like the next few days as Trump’s attorneys destroy the Democrat narrative.

Stephanopoulos smirked after he realized the camera was back on him and that he was busted making the gesture to kill the feed of Sekulow.

Liberals are dead set on making things look worse than they are, but they're just making themselves look like fools, just like you've seen him do here.

Photo Credit: Walt Disney Television

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