Senator Elizabeth Warren, infamously known as Fauxcahontas, is protesting the new abortion law in Alabama.

Alabama State Senate passed a bill on Tuesday, 25-6, that bans and criminalizes all abortion, including cases of rape and incest. The only exception is if the mothers life is as risk. The penalty for doctors who perform the abortions anyway? Anywhere from 10-99 years in prison, and up to 10 years for doctors who attempt.

While this is a huge step for the pro-life movement, Democrats are fighting it hard.

Warren said on Twitter, “This ban is dangerous and exceptionally cruel—and the bill’s authors want to use it to overturn Roe v. Wade,” she added, “I’ve lived in that America and let me tell you: We are not going back—not now, not ever. We will fight this. And we will win”

Breitbart reports: 

Republican Gov. Kay Ivey has not said whether she will sign the bill. Her office said late Tuesday she will examine the proposal carefully.

“The governor intends to withhold comment until she has had a chance to thoroughly review the final version of the bill that passed,” stated spokeswoman Lori Jhons.

The bill’s sponsor, Alabama House Rep. Terri Collins, said legislators crafted the bill specifically to address language in the 1973 Supreme Court ruling on Roe vs. Wade that mentions a baby being “in utero.”

“This bill’s purpose is to hopefully get to the Supreme Court and have them revisit the actual decision, which was: is the baby in a womb a person?” Collins said.

It's a sad day when people, women especially, fight for their so-called right to murder their unborn children. They claim it is "women's right", but what about the unborn baby girls? Do those women's rights not matter?

Jesus is most definitely coming back soon.

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