This past Tuesday was election day in Georgia and many people were outraged about it and rightly so, because it was a complete disaster.

People are busy and don't have all day to wait around to vote, but Tuesday wasn't a quick voting process for most people. As they went to go vote at their polling station, they learned that the machines were down and not working.

In fact, in Atlanta 4 out of the 7 largest voting locations were down entirely. You absolutely could not vote there.

Some people waited many hours for their opportunity to vote, and some weren't able to vote at all.

The Atlanta Journal-Constitution reported a some specific instances occurring on this voting day:

At 11:30 am, about 200 people were already in line when Joe Chiarella, 39, of Atlanta’s Grant Park neighborhood arrived at Parkside Elementary School at 7 a.m. He was still in line at 10:30 a.m.

Poll workers did not tell him why the wait was so long, Chiarella said. One voter who arrived at 6:45 a.m. said it took three and a half hours for him to cast his ballot.

After a long wait, one voter returned to the line and delivered snacks and water to those still in line.“I estimated (there were) about 200 people in line when I got here” Chiarella said. “This means we're voting at a rate of one person per minute on average.”

They also reported that someone drove into a line of people who were waiting to vote, but say that there was some sort of medical emergency. Only one person was injured.

I think there needs to be a new method of voting. The ways that we're currently using are too flawed and easy to manipulate. Voting by mail is a joke and the easiest way to manipulate the ballots.

Then we have issues with machines not working as we saw in Georgia.

We also have absentee ballots which often cause a problem.

I definitely think that it's time for a new way to vote because we're beyond all of this voter fraud stuff. We need a way to ensure that everyone can vote without the Democrats rigging the election.

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