President Trump has been going at it with #FakeNews CNN since he became president. By doing this he has alienated himself with much of the left as well as the other news networks. Let's remember that not Trump is not the only person who is going after CNN. This viral video is destroying CNN. It shows much of the left going after CNN and questioning their credibility as well as if they will even be around much longer as a news network.

It was put together by Mark Dice. As usual, Mr. Dice kills it. All the guy does is put up viral videos. If you haven't done it yet I highly suggest you subscribe to his YouTube channel.Watch the video!

The Clown News Network

This video gives some perspective about which type of people think CNN is a joke: All people! From Barack Obama to the clowns at Comedy Central to Conan O'Brien. These are incredibly liberal people who just repeatedly crap on CNN. These people just all participate in taking shots at CNN and it's so easy. The audiences are laughing because it's true.

So remember, when Trump goes after CNN, he's not the only one. Everyone in politics knows that CNN is a joke and this video proves it.

Thanks to people like Mark Dice and James O'Keefe and of course President Trump, CNN is finally on their last leg. The best part about O'Keefe is he simply gave the employees of CNN a mic and let them sink their own ship. Mark Dice has been owning the left via viral YouTube videos for quite some time now. Then of course everyone knows what President Trump is doing.

What do you think? Is the end near? Is CNN getting close to breathing their finals breath as a #FakeNews network? Vote in our poll. 

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