Project Veritas has put together a series of videos exposing the DNC. The newest video confirms Hillary's involvement in rigging the election. Check it out.

This video has a lot of information to take in. It completely exposes Hillary Clinton with undercover interviews.

This series of videos has caused key figures in the team to be fired. It is making waves and forcing people in the DNC to take action. A key part of this video is that it CONFIRMS that Hillary was personally involved with rigging the election.

Please like and share on Facebook as we must get this video out. It exposes Hillary Clinton and the DNC. It's time the Hillary Clinton lies and the lies of the DNC. Let's force them to be accountable for their actions. They have manipulated the system to get what they want and they need to accept responsibility for their actions.

Video Confirms Hillary's Involvement in Rigging the Election

Video Confirms Hillary's Involvement in Rigging the Election video-confirms-hillarys-involvement-in-rigging-the-election

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