There is a reason CNN is referred to as the Clinton News Network. Well they are at it again. CNN caught lying about the debate once again. Check it out.

So they falsely claim that 62% of the people who watched the vote thought that Hillary won. Of course it's obvious that anyone who watches the Clinton News Network will favor Hillary. But they even took it a step further with this.

There have been many polls out there showing that Trump won the first debate. How is it for sure that this poll was a lie? Only 28% of the people in this poll declared themselves as Republicans.

You may say that sure Republican polls will show that Trump won and liberal polls will show Hillary won. Well, did you hear all of the other polls that showed Trump winning? Even CNBC showed Trump as the winner and that is very far from a Republican site.

It continues to get worse and worse. The Hillary Clinton lies and scandals continue to pile up. The good news is, the Trump supporters are not falling for the CNN Clinton spin machine.

CNN Caught Lying About the Debate

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CNN Caught Lying About the Debate Clinton News Network

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