This is a shocking video. These women have a strong message. This is a video of the Bill Clinton rape victims and how fearful they are of Hillary. It's a video of three of Bill Clinton's rape victims: Paula Jones, Juanita Broaddrick and Kathleen Willey.

Bill Clinton Rape Victims

This is a strong video with a strong message. These women are victims and Hillary just trashed them. Called them bimbos, whores, sluts, trailer trash.

For some reason, Hillary gets a pass for calling these women all of these names.

They move along and call Hillary Clinton an enabler. Hillary is not worried about her marriage or the faithfulness of her husband. Instead she is just looking to gain more power and more money. She is not a feminist as she is strictly concerned about money.

Additional to that, these women are adamant that this was not just infidelity. This was way above that. They label Bill Clinton as a rapist and a serial predator. They take it a step further and say that Hillary knows this and turns away from it because she is only looking for personal gain. Whether Bill raped women or not, that is not of concern to Hillary. As these women say, "She has turned a blind eye for decades."

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bill clinton rape victims


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