Vice senior editor Wilbert L. Cooper wrote a piece titled "Let's Blow Up Mount Rushmore." He then changed it to "Let's Get Rid of Mount Rushmore."

Where did they get this idea? Well, Daily Caller wrote a satirical piece called "It's Time to Blow Up Mount Rushmore." The only thing about the piece by Vice was that it was extremely serious about blowing up the monument.

'Vice' Editor Wants to Get Rid of Mount Rushmore

Here is some from Vice's article.

Which made me wonder: If Rushmore ever did get "blown up," what should those dudes be replaced with? Fact is, I'm not sure there is any American president worthy of being etched into the side of a 60-foot mountain with explosives and jackhammers. I mean, every single one has at least been partially complicit in horrific atrocities.

The end was brutal where Cooper dumps on some of the greatest figures in American history.

Demystifying the historical figures of the past, pulling them off the great mountain top back down to Earth where they shat, farted, spit, pissed, fucked, raped, murdered, died, and rotted seems like important business for this country. As long as we allow those men to be cults of personality who exist beyond reproach, we're never going to be able to see them for all of their good and all of their evil.

This guy is completely insane and is disrespecting some of the major historical monuments of this great nation. These men risked their lives to make this great country, while this guy sits in his office chair complaining about them.

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