Venezuelans wake up horrified after their water turns black. This is the latest crisis in the beleaguered socialist nation.

Social media was flooded with photos and videos from residents in San Diego, Carbobo state. In the videos the water was black and the people were complaining it was contaminated with oil.

This is after the city has been dealing with an intermittent supply of water for month, which was made even worse when there was a blackout where some areas were completely out of power.

Venezuela's Water Turns BLACK

When the power returned on Wednesday residents were shocked to find out they were unable to drink their tap water.

Journalist Heberlizeth González took to Twitter to

More on the story from Daily Mail:

'There are sectors that have spent more than 2 months without the service, like other areas of Valencia and Los Coolos.

'This morning the water came to San Diego was terrible. Nothing suitable for consumption.'

'Water contaminated in much of San Diego, looks like oil, thanks for making it easier to exist in this country,' another irate Twitter user wrote.

Venezuela has the world's largest reserves of crude oil but President Maduro has been accused of mismanaging the supply, leaving the nation impoverished.

Another added: 'Good morning my people. Today came the water and this super polluted truth.

'We do not know what we will do because we will not be able to bathe even.

It really is a dire situation in Venezuela. Businesses have been shut down and hospitals are struggling to operate. The public transportation has been barely functioning.

Here is Mike Pompeo talking about the situation in Venezuela:

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