If I told you to think of one country that has the most extreme measures to censor its people, which country would you think of?

I would bet money that you would almost instantly think of North Korea and her tyrannical dictator Kim Jong Un.

The country makes sure that absolutely everything is in no way disrespectful toward him, his father, or his grandfather or the country.

Well, that same degree of tyranny has come a country you really wouldn't expect...Canada. Sure, I could see this level in Middle Eastern or Muslim countries, but not Canada. But I would be wrong.

Justin Trudeau is now requiring that ALL websites in Canada get a government license.

According to CTV News,

One of the report’s proposals, drafted by former telecommunications executive Janet Yale, specifically suggests requiring all companies that deliver "audio, audiovisual, and alphanumeric news content" to Canadians be regulated by the Canadian Radio-Television and Telecommunications Commission (CRTC) or another body, through a licence or registration.

"If you’re a distributor of content in Canada and obviously if you’re a very small media organization the requirement probably wouldn’t be the same if you’re Facebook, or Google. There would have to be some proportionality embedded into this," said Heritage Minister Steven Guilbeault in an interview on CTV’s Question Period airing Sunday.

He said the government will take time to carefully consider the 97 guidelines set out by the expert panel, most of which suggest handing over more powers to the CRTC.

Guilbeault continued, "It’s about fairness. Companies are paying GST in Canada and there’s no reason that some of the wealthiest companies in the world who are operating on Canadian soil shouldn’t pay."

There is a good reason why they shouldn't pay. First of all, they're already paying people to own and operate the website. Requiring a government license just infringes upon and right to free speech they may have and opens the door to extreme censorship. If the Canadian government doesn't like their website, then they can just reject their license.

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