You know that saying, "If you give them an inch, they'll take a mile"? We've all heard it before, and it seems like that is exactly what some of our governors are doing.

Wisconsin Governor Tony Evers says that a mile isn't enough though as he issued a new statewide mandate that makes it a requirement to wear masks indoors until the end thought I was about to say the month, didn't you? Nope, it goes until the end of September.

Get caught violating this edict and you'll be fined up to $200.

"We’ve said all along that we’re going to let science and public health experts be our guide in responding to this pandemic, and we know that masks and face coverings will save lives," Gov. Evers said. "While I know emotions are high when it comes to wearing face coverings in public, my job as governor is to put people first and to do what's best for the people of our state, so that's what I am going to do."

A number of exceptions also were included in the order, including for members of the state Legislature and the state judiciary.

Exceptions also are made for eating and drinking, for speakers at religious services and reporters delivering news reports, and for people who have breathing issues, among other reasons.

Of course, they have an exemption from this order, why wouldn't they? They have a job the prevents them from being susceptible to the virus. This is tyranny at it's best. In order to find out who is acting tyrannical, look and see who is not subject to the same laws as you. That's how you know who is acting in a tyrannical fashion.

This is hypocrisy and tyranny and one day in the near future, it will not be tolerated.

If the virus is really what they say it is and make it out to be in the media, then why aren't we following the footsteps of the countries that did it right and ended their pandemic?

Milwaukee Journal Sentinel

Photo Credit: Wisconsin Center for Investigative Journalism

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