The left-leaning mainstream media is constantly lying about the horrible and violent riots happening all across the country.

Former National Security Advisor under the Obama administration, Susan Rice has been blaming Russia for the riots, and MSNBC has been blaming white supremacists.

Liberals mocked the President for designating the group Antifa as a terrorist organization and blaming them for hijacking the George Floyd protests turning them into violent riots. Antifa is an anti-fascist group rooted in communism.

It'slike the liberals won't even acknowledge that Antifa exists and if I'm not mistaken, when they did in the early days, they would claim they were a radical right organization.

But they slipped up this time on MSNBC and reporter Trymaine Lee admitted that “white communists” had hijacked the movement. Take a look.

I never thought I would say this but MSNBC is right, Antifa is hijacking the movement and the neighborhoods where the violence took place are going to bear the brunt of the consequences like businesses that were burned or the National Guard patrolling their communities.

Here’s a great video captured by a protestor who admitted this was his first protest but, he captured a video of an Antifa team torching a police vehicle. The man that captured the video also believes that the car was staged because the police decals on the car were not what the current police cars in his community display. In the video, he breaks down how a 4-6 person team moves in and out of the crowd then lights the vehicle on fire than disappear back into the crowd.

Democrats aren't wanting to even speak about Antifa because they know they'd be going after their own voters and they certainly can't have that no matter how bad they are.

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