I've seen a lot of information as well as disinformation over the last week on the riots that have been raging across the country.

There is a lot of talk as to the real reason behind them, how they got started, and who is organizing them. Some of just conspiracy theories of course, but some things are starting to smell fishy.

One possible theory is that the riots were organized and paid for by George Soros. This is plausible, I'll admit it, but I don't know much more about that.

There is another rumor that a white man wearing a gas mask and carrying an umbrella is the one who triggered the riots to begin with. The rumor is that he was the first one who started breaking things that snowballed into mob mentality. This was actually captured on video.


Then just this weekend, two white girls were caught spray-painting "BLM" for Black Lives Matter on a Starbucks. This is being seen as a set up for Black Lives Matter to incriminate them.

According to TMZ,

Check it out ... you see two white women decked out in all black and wearing face masks/coverings spraying 'BLM' along the side of a Starbucks in L.A., as well as other messaging. One African-American woman who's also protesting gets in their faces and questions what they're doing ... and why. Watch what happens when she confronts them.

The white gals were NOT down to stick around for answers, as they mumbled incoherent responses and abruptly scrammed as soon as they realized they were getting attention. The black protester tells them to stop, because the public will blame the peaceful protesters -- the ones of color, specifically -- for the defacement and destruction of property.

She tells them that nobody in the actual 'BLM' movement told them to tag the place, and that the message wasn't theirs to spread unlawfully. It's a pretty revealing interaction here.

Of course, it also lends credence to what some people have been saying on the ground at a lot of these demonstrations all over the U.S. -- that, allegedly, there are bad actors infiltrating these protests (which, by and large, start out peacefully) and turn them chaotic.


Maybe the girls were just trying to show solidarity with the BLM movement, or maybe they really were trying to set them up.

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