Not a good idea for Maxine Waters to take shots at Tucker Carlson. As expected, Tucker Carlson scores revenge on Maxine Waters in this epic video.

Tucker has taken on much tougher opposition than Auntie Maxine. You know he wasn't going to shy away from this incredible opportunity.

First, here is the interview where Maxine called out Tucker.

Per Medialite:

Congresswoman Maxine Waters took a shot at Tucker Carlson and Larry Elder on MSNBC tonight, and it didn’t take long for Carlson to respond on his Fox show.

Well, tonight on MSNBC’s All In, Joy Reid brought up the segment to Waters towards the end of their interview, asking her if there’s any truth to the 2020 rumors.

Waters denied it and said this:

“They’re trying every way they can to discredit me or to make people uncomfortable with me, all of that. So you’re gonna be hearing a lot more of these people who are all, you know, aligned around trying to discredit Maxine Waters because she has stayed on Trump’s case so much.”

It just so happened that Tucker Carlson happened to be on the air when Maxine made this attack on him. How convenient was that? If she knew that was the case would she still have said it? Probably not. Tucker let the audience know that Maxine lives outside the district she represents in a R4.5 million, 6,000 sq. ft. mansion. Yet she claims to represent the middle class. Hilarious.

Watch the video.

Tucker Carlson Scores Revenge on Maxine Waters

Per Biz Pac Review:

“Waters is self-discrediting,” he said while shrugging off reports that Waters, 78, is considering running for president in 2020.

Carlson said the 13-term Congresswoman has gotten a pass from the media and other Democrats for 40 years.

He pointed out that Waters is “one of the richest people in Los Angeles” representing an extremely poor district. Moreover, she doesn’t even live in the district she represents.

It's good to have Tucker Carlson there to bring delusional fools like Maxine Waters back to earth. Next time she should think before she opens her mouth and spouts off nonsense.

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