Bill Nye the Science Guy has said climate change skeptics suffer from "cognitive dissonance." In this video, Tucker Carlson exposes Bill Nye "The Fake Science Guy."

Nye came forward with, "The evidence for climate change is overwhelming, so we're looking for an explanation for why you guys are having so much trouble with it."

Tucker then admitted he is open to the idea that the climate is changing. He also said the ball is in the court of climate change advocates to prove just how much of this is being caused by humans.

Nye then made the claim that humans are causing climate change to happen "catastrophically fast."

This was when Tucker decided it was time to take down Bill Nye the Fake Science Guy.

"So much of this you don't know!" Tucker said. "You pretend that you know, but you don't know. And you bully people who ask you questions."

What do you think about the exchange between Tucker Carlson and Bill Nye the Science Guy? It would have been nice to see them get into facts a little bit more. Maybe next time they meet, things will go differently.

"Carry on, Mr. Carlson," Nye said, hinting toward a future meeting. "I'm sure we will cross paths again."

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