Tucker Carlson Calls Out Stephen Colbert – Challenges Him to a Debate Over Possible Syria War

Tucker Carlson of Fox News is back at it. This time Tucker Carlson calls out Stephen Colbert and challenges him to a live debate on Fox News over the possible war in Syria.

Tucker wants to debate over the real reasons for going to war in Syria. Earlier this week, Carlson questioning whether or not the attack was actually committed by the Assad regime. In response for this, Carlson was criticized harshly.

“Stephen Colbert hosts ‘The Late Show’ on CBS,” Carlson said during his program Tucker Carlson Tonight on Wednesday. “You might not agree with his politics, but he’s not stupid. He’s smart enough to engage in a conversation that might reveal him as a mindless warmonger posing as a liberal, so he talked about pandas instead.”

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Per Daily Caller:

“Colbert’s bit went on for at least 4 minutes. We condensed it out of kindness, while our original panda segment ran for 30 seconds at the end of Monday’s show,” Carlson stated. “Yet it’s what CBS jumped on and CNN and a number of other outlets that have spent the last week pushing this administration to war.”

“They have no interest in explaining how bombing Syria might help America, they don’t care, so instead, they make fun of pandas. There may be a real case for war in Syria, we’d love to hear it. We’ve been begging to hear it, we would love to hear it from Stephen Colbert himself. He’s welcome here anytime, but of course he’ll never come.”

Will Stephen Cobert step up to the plate and explain how bombing Syria will actually help this country? No, but it’s fun to think about. Imagine if he really stepped up to the plate and took on Tucker Carlson. It would get incredible viewership and give each side a chance to state their case. Both sides would be tuned in.

Reactions from Twitter:

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