The "diversity lottery" has came under heavy scrutiny since the truck attack in Manhattan. I can't think of a better person to completely expose how bad this program is. Tucker Carlson annihilates the immigration lottery.

Per Daily Caller:

“You think Google or Facebook or MSNBC would hire with a diversity lottery? Just pick people at random without reading their resumes? Please. Did President Obama hold a diversity lottery when he made judicial appointments? Does the military hold a lottery for officers? No. Of course not. Because in all of those organizations it is obvious that quality matters.”

“You want to pick the best people and allow the greater organization to flourish. Somehow though–this is the most perverse part of all of this–the greatest organization of all, the United States, has decided that quality is irrelevant. Diversity has become an end in itself,” he added.

This Schumer-led policy needs to go. Tucker Carlson makes an excellent point when he says quality matters. Quality always matters. Picking the best and allowing them to flourish is important in any process, especially immigration. The best candidates should be allowed into the United States, not the luckiest.

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