The Saudis wrote a $25 million check to the Clinton Foundation. The Saudis were very sure that Hillary Clinton was going to the election. It was like a down payment for them. They were buying influence. Then something great happened. Hillary did not win the election. Trump's zinger to Saudi Prince confirms, we did the right job.

Trump's Zinger to Saudi Prince

The Saudi prince, Alwaleed, has fired some shots at Trump. These were at the beginning of when the Trump run for presidency began.

Then Trump came back with an awesome tweet.

He couldn't respond to this because Trump was correct. Saudi Arabians have banned refugees from Syria due to security concerns.

Now that Trump has been elected, Alwaleed has changed his tune. The Saudi prince has since reached out to Trump with this ass kissing tweet.

There is no doubt that the United States made the best choice for president. We have a president that loves our country and cares about it.

Trump's Zinger to Saudi Prince Confirms - We Made the Right Choice

The United States has broken away from the establishment. The mainstream media can claim Donald Trump hates Muslims. He hated that Muslims were in the United States committing acts of terrorism in his country. He has never been accused of racism his entire life until running for office.

I will say it one more time. We made the right choice, America.

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