Much has been made of Trump's refugee ban by the press. According to poll this is one of his most popular executive orders. Obviously, the results vary greatly between Democrats and Republicans, but overall the voters who were polled favor the refugee ban.

According to a new poll from Morning Consult and Politico, the executive order has a 55% approval rating. 35% say that they strongly approve, while 38% of voters say they disapprove. 82% of Republicans support the ban and 65% of the Democrats polled oppose.

Only one of Trump's executive orders is more popular. That would be the executive order that revokes funding for sanctuary cities. It also has a 55% approval rating, but only 33% of people disapprove.

The poll was conducted February 2-4.

The seven countries banned in Trump's executive order were first flagged by the Obama administration. They labeled them as "countries of particular concern." Despite this, the media has accused the Trump administration of targeting Muslims.

A judge revoked the ban last week, which suspends the executive order.

Here is a graph that shows the approval of all of the executive orders signed by President Trump.

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