Hillary Clinton, the Democratic Nominee, has ran a campaign that is big on protecting women and families. Trump's new supporter could ruin her image in that regard.

trump's new supporter hillary clinton rape

She has accused Donald Trump of sexism on many occasions. Along with that she has also stated any time a woman accuses a man of rape she should be taken for her word. Obviously there is an exception if her husband is that man. Trump has countered this quite well. He has done this by bringing up Hillary's past and used it as evidence she really doesn't care about women.

Well, now the UK Daily Mail has reported some breaking news. They say there is a new Trump supporter who could cause serious damage to Hillary's image.

Trump's New Supporter Has Some Serious Dirt On Hillary

Kathy Shelton is the name of Trump's new supporter. She happens to know Hillary very, very well. Since 1975. At that time she was 12 years old and she was brutally raped by a man Hillary Clinton defended in court.

For the first time, Shelton has stepped forward. She has moved forward with an incredible attack on Hillary. She holds Hillary personally responsible for all of the pain and suffering she has went through her entire life. Also she says that Hillary doesn't care about women or children one bit.

Shelton points out many reasons why this is true. Including an attack of Hillary's character. Hillary accused Kathy of seeking out older men and blocked forensic evidence which would have made sure the man who raped her was locked up for a long time.

Shelton said:

“I don’t think (Clinton’s) for women or girls. I think she’s lying, I think she said anything she can to get in the campaign and win. If she was (an advocate for women and children), she wouldn’t have done that to me at 12 years old.”

Everyone can draw their own conclusions, but it takes a complete monster to attack a 12 year old rape victim.

Kathy also talked about how Hillary laughed about how she was able to get the guilty man off. That's right, she laughed about a man raping a child.

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trump's new supporter hillary clinton rape

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