Trump Wakes Up Saturday Morning Firing, Calls Out FBI For Ignoring Thousands of Crooked Hillary’s Emails

When thousands of Hillary Clinton emails were discovered, many wondered what would become of this. Well, apparently the FBI weren’t included in those curious people. Because of this, Trump wakes up Saturday morning firing on Twitter.

President Trump called out the FBI for looking at less than 1% of “Crooked’s” emails.

He took things a step further and said that he may have to get involved. It’s a shame President Trump has to call out the FBI just to get them to do their jobs.

Why does the left get to operate on a different level than the right? Can you imagine if Trump had a private email server that was discovered? Do you think the FBI would have just casually glossed over a few of the emails and read less than 1%? No, they would have investigated every single email and not left a single stone unturned.

Check out some of the responses on Twitter:

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