Matthew Thorpe, a 28-year-old Trump supporter and co-organizer for the Boston free speech rallies, was attacked viciously in Boston by Antifa. He suffered multiple fractures in his face.

Thrope and some friends had attended a discussion featuring Mark Bray that was centered around Antifa. Bray is the author of the Anti-Fascist Handbook at the Harvard Coop. While the goal was not to disrupt or shut down the even, they were there to ask meaningful questions, such as asking if fascism that killed six million people is worse than communist fascism which has killed approximately 100 million people.

“He never answered my question, but people in the crowd recognized me because my picture was on one of the Antifa websites,” Thorpe said.

Toward the even of the even the group was thrown out after "Trump" and "build the wall" chants began.

More, per The Gateway Pundit:

Once outside, Thorpe said that he and his friends stuck around to attempt to have discussions with others who had attended. He stated that he had a few interesting interactions and everything was going reasonably well.

Around 9 p.m., as he was planning to leave, a woman walked out of the Coop, pointed to him and began shouting that he is a “Nazi.”

“Before I could even respond this girl tries to hit me, so I defend myself and all of a sudden someone came up behind me and grabbed me. There was a whole swarm of them around me punching me in the face,” Thorpe said.

Thorpe was being assaulted with the fists of a mob that he believes was “at least 7-10 people.” His assailants were not wearing masks.

Once he broke free, the group began mocking him and shouting things like “run Nazi, run,” leading to him running back into the group and throwing a punch. “The group came in and swarmed me again and began punching me over and over,” he said.

Eventually, Thorpe found himself on the ground, covered in blood, swollen and in a lot of pain. His face is fractured in three places — so severely that a bone completely detached. He will need to see a plastic surgeon to make sure that the bone does not drift away and repair itself improperly — but he does not have health insurance.

“What was interesting to me is that they did this right outside a store, in a main area of Harvard Square,” Thorpe explained. “They knew who I was and that’s why they attacked me.”

Thorpe has described the assault as a domestic terrorist attack and vowed to attempt to identify his attackers and pursue charges.

“I’m looking at this as a terrorist attack to be honest. It was a politically motivated attack, which I think in definition would be a domestic terrorist attack. I am going to try to go forward with prosecuting these people as much as I can, but I need to find video from the event,” Thorpe stated.

Thorpe is very hopeful that many people will share his story and it will result in law enforcement focusing on Antifa and investigating them more heavily.

“These people were bold enough to do this in a heavily populated area, what else are they bold enough to do?” Thorpe questioned.

There is no question that Antifa should be held accountable for all actions like the beating of Thorpe.

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