Despite what the mainstream media wants to tell you, there are many advantages to being a Trump supporter. For one, you don't get upset and offended by everything like the Democrats do.

The Atlas Survival Shelters YouTube channel loves to put up videos that show how ridiculous the left is. In one of his most recent videos he showed a lifehack that gets you your own seat when you fly Southwest and everyone chooses their own seat.

At the beginning of the video, Ron wants to show off that he's wearing his MAGA hat in the Sacramento airport. He does get a woman who is very upset at the sight but outside of that either everyone is unbothered by it or lacks the guts to call him out.

One thing he took notice of was everytime he was on a flight, he laid his MAGA hat on the seat next to him and no one ever sat in it. These were almost completely packed flights. In one of them there were two vacant seats on the entire plane and one of them was right next to him.

Check it out!

Trump Supporters Uses MAGA Hat to His Advantage

Did you notice something about this video? Most of the people who were outwardly cool with him were minorities. This completely defies the narrative that all minorities are against President Trump.

What's not to love about Billy? He's traveling the country in his MAGA hat and having the time of his life. if you have an issue with Billy that's on you. This guy is awesome.

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No matter what picture the left tries to paint, everyone doesn't hate Trump supporters. They might be a little fearful to sit by them on an airplane, but they aren't going to bother you as you walk through an airport in California.

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