President Trump inherited 20 trillion in debt from Obama and is looking to make cuts where he can to change this. Trump set to boot 2 groups from receiving food stamps. That's a good place to start, limiting the handouts.

The government estimates that 45.8 million Americans receive EBT cards that pay for at least some of their groceries each month. This increased by at least 10 million during the Obama presidency. This is an example of how poorly Obama's "recovery" period went.

So the first group of people who will not receive food stamps anymore are those who won the lottery or became rich in Vegas. Clearly, if you become rich, you no longer need help paying groceries. Believe it or not, there are many instances where people like this continue to take the handouts. If they blow through their winnings, they can re-apply in a few years. Sadly, this is an all too common situation.

The second group is a much bigger group of people who will be affected. The new rule denies the benefit to, anyone convicted of federal aggravated sexual abuse, murder, sexual exploitation and abuse of children, sexual assault, or similar offenses under state laws, as well as those who are not in compliance with the terms of their sentence or parole or are fleeing felons.”

It is very irritating that the food stamp benefits have been given to felons such as child abusers and murderers instead of the needy, elderly and disabled.

President Trump is sending out a notice to felons that they are no longer going to be taken care of and coddled during his administration.

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