Fake reported stated  that Trump won the popular vote. He did not. We apologize for reporting it. Moving forward we will do a better job of vetting our sources. Now, Trump says he would have won a popular vote election.

Trump Says He Would Have Won a Popular Vote Election

Sunday night on 60 Minutes, Trump confirmed he still prefers the popular vote method. "I’m not going to change my mind just because I won. But I would rather see it where you went with simple votes."

The reactions to what Trump said were predictable.

The only issue with that is there is no way of knowing for sure if Trump wins or loses a popular election. To lose the popular election in an electoral college election is a very different thing from losing the popular election in an election where that is the deciding factor. To think that Trump's team would not have adapted their strategies to a popular vote election is not accurate.

For example, Donald Trump did not waste time in California. In the electoral college, a loss is a loss. It did not matter if he lost by 10 points or 30 points. If it was a popular election, changing a 22 point loss to a 10 point loss is a battle worth fighting. He tailored his message to winning people over in the rust belt specifically. This is what won him the election.

Trump even pointed this out himself Tuesday.



So the line of thinking that Trump would have lost a popular election is something that cannot be proved.


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