It's been well known that Donald Trump was not happy with Lester Holt's performance as moderator. Did Trump punk Lester Holt? You be the judge.

Did Trump Punk Lester Holt?

He did eventually go back and shake Lester's hand, but he did get his point across. It was obviously time for Donald Trump to shake his hand and he decided to walk away. By going back and shaking his hand he kept it from becoming a media frenzy, but still got his point across.

What reason did Trump have to be upset with Holt? Well first off, Holt challenged Trump on his statements and stances several times. Whether it had to do with the birther issue, his tax returns or any other issue, Holt challenged Trump several times on his responses. He simply did not do this to Hillary. On top of that, Lester Holt asked several questions directly to Donald Trump. While doing this, he completely avoided many of the tough questions for Hillary. There was no mention of Benghazi or her email scandal or many of the other questions Americans are drying to know about.

To put it simple, Lester Holt was a shill for Hillary Clinton. Honestly, does that surprise anyone?

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Lester Holt was a Hillary Clinton Pawn


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