While speaking to USA Today, Jennifer Gonzalez-Colon, Puerto Rico's delegate to the United States Congress, said, "Everything we've asked for, Trump has provided." This was a strong rebuttal to the claims that President Trump has put Puerto Rico on the backburner when it comes to the response to the damage of Hurricane Maria.

"I will tell you that everything that the president said that he was going to send to the island, it's getting there. The resources are there. The help is there. He instructed all his cabinet members to treat Puerto Rico as a state, in terms of this hurricane. I mean, that kind of instruction is important to have access to all those programs."

Gonzalez-Colon took things a step further when complimenting how President Trump handled the situation. She was impressed by how knowledgeable he was regarding the situation. Additionally, Trump was sure to speak to Puerto Rico's governor during and after the hurricane at least once every day.

She wasn't filled with praise for all of Trump's actions. She said she might not "praise all the ways that he managed the issue." Gonzalez-Colon was referring to some of the classic off-the-cuff remarks that President Trump made around the hurricane. Despite this she said that Trump has delivered on everything he promised to send. At this point there is help extending to all corners of the island.

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