On Friday Trump promises to unveil tax cut plan this coming Wednesday. He vowed that a "big announcement on Wednesday" is coming. He gave no details with regards to the plans, but did say that overhauling the nation's tax plan would be an extremely complicated effort.

Trump first teased about the tax reform during an interview and then did it again at the Treasury Department on Friday afternoon. At the Treasury Department event he also discussed the legislative achievements he is working on finishing before his 100th day in office, which comes at the end of next week.

Trump Promises Tax Plan Announcement Wednesday

Trump promises

This announcement was very surprising to many on Capitol Hill. The Treasury officials were speechless. Earlier in the day reporters asked Steve Mnuchin, the Treasury secretary, if they were near a tax overhaul proposal. He replied, "Tax reform is way too complicated."

President Trump also told the AP that the coming tax reductions would be, "bigger, I believe, than any tax cut ever."

Steve Forbes agrees with Trump's plan to move forward with the tax overhaul. Here is more per Fox News:

Steve Forbes, in an interview on Fox Business’ "Your World With Neil Cavuto,” said Trump is doing the right thing by aggressively pushing for tax cuts.

"I think he's recognized that if he doesn't get this economy moving in a way that people visibly feel it, he and the Republicans are going to be in deep trouble next year," Forbes said.

He added that Trump will have to push congressional Republicans to get the tax plan through as soon as possible, because even if it's approved in the short-term, it will take time for Americans to truly feel its effects.

"When you make an investment, it doesn't mean the building rises up the next day, or the factory rises up the next day, or the services are available the next day," Forbes said. "It takes time to make these things happen. ... Why aren't they realistic about how the world works?"

In March, a Fox News poll found that 55 percent of participants believed they pay too much in taxes, The number was down from a record 63 percent in march 2015.

The urgency for Trump to fire up the tax plan and healthcare reform in increasing. It is nearing the 100th day and he is getting more and more urgent to get the wheels in motions and deliver on his campaign promises.

What do you think Trump's tax plan reform will look like on Wednesday?

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