President-elect Trump has met with several different political figures in the past few weeks. Then he shocked everyone by meeting up with Kanye West. But did Trump meet with Kanye to distract the media?

Did Trump Meet with Kanye to Distract the Media?

Donald Trump made a very controversial pick for Secretary of State. He picked Exxon Mobil CEO Rex Tillerson. Mike Huckabee compared this to, “tossing a beef steak into a pound of pit bulls." Huckabee also suggested that Trump is playing the media for fools.

Per Conservative Tribune:

“The left’s howls of outrage over Rex Tillerson would have been the biggest story of the day if Trump, a master media manipulator, hadn’t used their own tactics to outfox them,” Huckabee explained.

“Knowing the media’s obsession with celebrity, he pushed the criticism of Tillerson out of the headlines by meeting with hip-hop star Kanye West and NFL legends Jim Brown and Ray Lewis,” he contended.

One thing for sure, Trump knows how to dominate the media headlines. It would not be surprising at all if Trump really was attempting to outfox the media.

Did Trump Meet with Kanye to Distract the Media?

While the media certainly did take shots at Trump's choice of Tillerson, they seemed to spend at least as much time investigating the visit of Kanye West to Trump Tower. Others have speculated they were formulating a plan for Trump to get the low information votes.

It seems Trump has already figured out there is no chance the media treats him fair. It seems Trump has figured out the best way to handle this.

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