Conveniently, the mainstream media passes on this story. The Trump market continues to soar with the 23rd new stock market high and the market is up 17% since Trump's election. There has been a new record high in the market every 1 in 4 days.

On Wednesday, the US Stock Market set yet another all-time high.

Tuesday the Dow Jones Industrial Average closed at 21,532, which happens to the be the 23rd all-time high in the year 2017 already. If you move the date forward and look at since Trump's inauguration on January 20th, there have already been 23 all-time highs since then. In such a small amount of time, the market is up 9%!

Trump Market Booms

Trump Market, Dow Jones, Record Highs

The market started skyrocketing immediately after the election on November 8. If you look at the market since then, it is has closed at a record high 40 times. Since November 8, the market is up 17%.

Americans who have invested in 401ks are benefitting in a big way. The change in administration has the United States economy booming in a big way and the Dow Jones Industrial Average proves it.

Let's compare this to the numbers during Obama's presidency. During his whole first term, the Dow never reached a new closing high. You can combine 2009, 2010, 2011 and 2012 years and how many new Dow highs does that total up? ZERO.

It is very clear at this point, President Trump provided a major boost to the economy when compared to the impact Obama had during his presidency. It is clear that American made the correct choice with Donald Trump as president.

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