In case you missed it, Donald Trump Jr. went after Michelle Obama on Twitter. Well he's not done. The Trump Jr. Train continues as he goes after Hillary.

There have been many reports about Harvey Weinstein. He has been targeted by a devastating expose that details a long history of sexual harassment from him.

Hillary Clinton and Weinstein have long been attached. He has been one of her biggest donors. He threw big money at her failed Democratic presidential candidacy.

Harvey Weinstein and Hillary Clinton

It would see she would be quick to disavow Weinstein after these reports surfaced. You know, since she is a feminist and all and does not stand for this type of behavior.

Well, for some reason she has not.

Hillary Clinton has been completely silent when it comes to the actions of Weinstein for the same reason she doesn't mention Sharia Law when it comes to Muslims. Because they throw a ton of money at her.

Donald Trump Jr. stepped up and put Hillary on blast when it comes to the exceptions she makes for people that have donated money to her campaigns.

Trump Jr. Train Continues

Donald Trump Jr. has been taking out the trash this weekend. First he was all over Michelle Obama and now Hillary Clinton is being called out for her hypocrisy. Who is next?

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