Twitter is ablaze over the shocking FISA abuse memo. Americans are demanding it be released. Donald Trump Jr. strikes again and demands they #ReleaseTheMemo!

Donald Trump Jr. tweeted:

Prediction: Democrats will take an even stronger stance on shutting down the govt so that becomes the narrative rather than talking about the release of the apparently very damaging memo. Media will obviously be complicit in helping them! #releasethememo

“Democrats & deep state govt officials are doing everything they can to protect those within the government who used their positions of influence to target those they disagree with politically,”

Trump Jr. still wasn't done. He went for the dagger on Rep. Adam Schiff:

“Hey @AdamSchiff you were very vocal after and almost certainly leaked info during my private testimony. All of a sudden you are rather quiet about this memo. I thought you were all about transparency? #FullOfSchiff #ReleaseTheMemo.”

Still, Trump Jr. had more:

The reality is that if the memo were damaging to the republicans the democrats would have leaked it by now. Why the double standard? #releasethememo

The House Intelligence Committee voted on Thursday to make a document available that proves the abuse of the FISA program.

If the Democrats are blocking documents, isn't that kind of strange? Since, you know, they claim they all want transparency.

Schiff appeared very desperate to distract from what is really going down and began discussing money laundering on Twitter:

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