It's no secret that the economy was a disaster under President Obama. With that behind us, the Trump Economy continues to surge. Look at the numbers. President Trump has added over 246,000 new jobs. It was predicted by analysts that it would only be around 165,000. The Trump Economy continues to exceed expectations with this massive surge. Check out the graphic.

Trump Economy

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Finally, the nightmare that was the President Obama administration is over. New jobs and a boosted economy are what we can expect from Donald J. Trump. It will be interesting to see the reaction of liberals when his policies and actions "Make America Great Again."


Private companies kicked off the new year with a hiring spree, according to the latest report from ADP and Moody’s Analytics.

Amid an explosive month surrounding President Donald Trump’s inauguration and the flurry of activity that followed, firms added 246,000 new workers to their payrolls, the report showed.

That compared to expectations of 165,000 from economists surveyed by Reuters and marked a substantial jump from the downwardly revised 151,000 — initially reported as 153,000 — in December. January also turned in the best single-month performance since June.

Goods-producing companies hired 46,000 workers, the highest in two years. Construction jobs led the way with 25,000, while manufacturing added 15,000 and natural resources and mining contributed 6,000. During the campaign, Trump promised to bring back blue-collar jobs, particularly in mining.

The news gave stock market futures a bump, while the dollar was higher across the board and government bond yields also were on the rise.

This is all incredible news. Finally, Americans are able to get things back to how they should be. A thriving economy, growing job market and thriving businesses. The Trump Economy is exactly what the doctor ordered.

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