Trump Drops the Bomb - Linking Hillary And Obama to ISIS

Recently Trump was ridiculed for what happened earlier. Trump Drops the Bomb - Linking Hillary And Obama to ISIS. Now it turns out to be TRUE.

Trump has called them "the founders" of ISIS. Clinton has teamed up with the media to call it a lie. Trump has not backed down. He has doubled down and even provided his own evidence. There was a press release from the Trump campaign.

The press release was called "Hillary Clinton, the Architect of Obama's Failed Foreign Policy." It has a perfectly laid out timeline showing the events that led to ISIS being formed. It started in Iraq and Syria now it's all over the globe. Chalk it up as another to the collection of Hillary Clinton lies.

Trump Drops the Bomb - Linking Hillary And Obama to ISIS

Per Conservative Tribune:

In 2011, before the abrupt withdrawal of U.S. military forces from Iraq, the predecessor of the Islamic State group, Al Qaeda in Iraq, was reportedly engaged in a “struggle to maintain relevance,” as it had been all but crushed by superior forces allied with locals in a strong security arrangement.

But the sudden withdrawal of U.S. troops from the region, combined with the Obama administration’s veritable non-response to the civil war in Syria, mixed with its support for the “Arab spring” uprisings that toppled stable governments in the Middle East, topped off by the overthrow of the Qaddafi regime in Libya, all led to a political power vacuum that was quickly filled by radical Islamic extremists, including the Islamic State group.

Former Obama Defense Secretary Leon Panetta seemingly agreed with that assessment, noting that the administration’s “poor decision” to break with the winning strategy of the late Bush years and withdraw early from Iraq led to the rise of the Islamic State group.

Other military commanders on the ground agreed with the assessment as well, and were against the planned withdrawal, insisting that Iraq was not yet ready to defend itself, that it was still very much in need of assistance from U.S. forces.

Power Vacuum

The power vacuum left by Obama and Clinton all across the Middle East gave space for radical Islamic extremists to seize control, something which was not at all unforeseen, but was instead repeatedly warned about in the early years of Obama and Clinton’s tenure.

But despite numerous clear warnings that a barbaric Islamist organization like the Islamic State group would arise following Obama’s withdrawal from Iraq, wavering on Syria and meddling elsewhere, Clinton nevertheless blamed the Bush administration for the failures of Obama and herself.

On top of that, Clinton made clear that she supported Obama’s decision, and even after the rise and spread of the Islamic State group was witnessed and documented over the following years, maintained that she wouldn’t have done anything differently, both in leaving Iraq and in half-heartedly confronting the Islamist militants.

It is quite clear in hindsight that the policies put in place and pursued by Obama and Clinton gave space to the Islamic State group to rise from near defeat and establish a “caliphate,” which has now grown to encompass parts of both Iraq and Syria, and has set up “franchise affiliates” in other Middle Eastern countries, North Africa, Southeast Asia, and is successfully recruiting new terrorists in Europe and America.

Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton paved the way for the Islamic State group, and bear immense responsibilityfor the abject horror they have inflicted during their reign of terror. Trump is right to call them “the founders” of the brutal terrorist organization.

Trump Drops the Bomb - Linking Hillary And Obama to ISIS

We need to do everything we can in order to get this out and spread it so everyone sees it. It shows exactly why Donald Trump called Obama and Hillary the founders of the Islamic State Group. Please like and share on Facebook to help take them down.


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