Trump-hating liberal Rosie O'Donnell has accused President Trump of many bogus crimes. She has been obsessed with trying to accuse President Trump of nonsense. She has became completely obsessed with President Trump. Her Twitter feed is filled with incohrrent rants. Now the Trump curse continues as she is pleading insanity in hopes of not paying the penalty for breaking campaign finance laws. She is facing criminal charges thanks to a campaign finance scheme.

Per New York Post:

The liberal comedian has regularly broken Federal Election Commission rules limiting the total any one person can give to an individual candidate at $2,700 per election. The limit applies separately to primaries, runoffs and general elections.

“Nothing nefarious,” the outspoken star and Donald Trump arch-nemesis wrote in an email to the Post. “I was not choosing to over donate.

“If 2700 is the cut off — [candidates] should refund the money,” she wrote. “I don’t look to see who I can donate most to … I just donate assuming they do not accept what is over the limit.”

O’Donnell said she donates often, and uses the online liberal fundraising platform ActBlue. “My anxiety is quelled by donating to those opposing trump [and] his agenda — especially at night — when most of these were placed.”

Dinesh D'Souza, the conservative pundit and filmmaker, was sentenced to five years of probation due to breaking campaign finance laws. After learning about the charges against O'Donnell, D'Souza took to Twitter to let his feelings be known.

So basically she was dumping money into campaigns that had a chance to oppose Trump's agenda. An illegal amount of money. Talk about living rent-free in someone's head. This is way beyond Trump Derangement Syndrome. She is spending illegal amounts of money in order to oppose the man that she hates.

Funny how Rose's Twitter account has been silent on the issue. She used fake names and addresses in order to make these illegal donations. She isn't out of her mind, she was committing a calculated crime and now it's time for her to pay the penalty.

Will Rosie get locked up? Time will tell.

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